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We develop smart solutions for everyday problems – since 1905

Do you invest a lot of time and love in creating the perfect home?

Scratches, draughts and pressure points are unpleasant and annoying. With felt gliders, sealings and protective buffers from fix-o-moll, you can easily avoid these annoyances. Chair legs glide smoothly across the floor, windows are sealed to save energy and door stoppers prevent unsightly dents.

We understand that true perfection is in the details.

We have been finding and developing smart solutions for everyday problems for more than a hundred years. Discover the world of fix-o-moll helpers now and experience how small changes can make a big difference in your home!

Discover our product ranges

Protection and Care

Discover the perfect protection for your sensitive surfaces

With fix-o-moll, you no longer have to worry. Whether furniture gliders or protective buffers, all our products are designed to make your life as easy as possible.

Attached in one easy step – by gluing, screwing or nailing – fix-o-moll provides long-lasting protection for your floors and walls.

You still have to move your sofa yourself – but for everything else there's fix-o-moll!

Furniture Gliders

Furniture gliders from fix-o-moll are the ideal helpers when it comes to protecting floors from damage. Whether carpet, parquet or tiles – with the right gliders, even heavy furniture can be moved on all standard floors without leaving marks or scratches. All gliders are easy to attach and ensure that your floors stay beautiful for a long time.

BIGDUO Parquet Gliders

Parquet is beautiful, but also very delicate! To keep your parquet beautiful, we have developed the BIGDUO parquet gliders. The special material combination of soft gliding layer, firm stabilising layer and very strong adhesive provides optimum protection. With our gliders, chairs, armchairs or tables can be moved gently, quietly and without scratching or damaging the floor surfaces, of course also on tiles and laminate floors.

Protective buffers for walls and doors

Protective buffers from fix-o-moll are the ideal helpers to prevent damage and pressure points. With door stoppers and door wedges, you can ensure that your doors stay open despite draughts. Protective buffers are easy to attach and available in many variants – the choice is yours!



It is becoming more and more important to insulate your home properly.

With the sealing and insulation solutions from fix-o-moll, you can stop cold, draughts, noise and dust in no time at all.

Simply stick the suitable fix-o-moll seal to your door or window ... and it will be cosy straight away! This permanently improves the energy efficiency of your room and is also good for the climate.

But you still have to turn the thermostat down yourself!

Window and door seals

Are your windows and doors not completely sealed? Are you bothered by loudly slamming doors? Or do you just want to be sure that you've done everything you can to save energy and costs? fix-o-moll offers you fast, energy-efficient solutions.

The sealings are glued into window or door frames and seal them reliably. For a cosy, warm home!

PROFI Thermoplast Sealing

This sealing makes it easy for you to use as it covers all gap widths from 1-7 mm, so you don't need to measure! The sealing is also very durable, lasting up to 15 years. The transparent material fits all frames and is also 100 % recyclable.

Door Weatherstrips

Is there a draught under your doors?  Door weatherstrips from fix-o-moll are glued to the bottom edge of the door and seal it reliably. Or why not try our draught excluders, which you simply slide under the door. It couldn't be quicker!

Special Sealings

A small selection of special sealing solutions:

Is it particularly cold behind your radiator? With our reflective film for radiators, the heat stays in the room.

Or do you have single-glazed windows?

Window insulating film makes all the difference and forms an additional insulating layer with its air cushion.

Cupboards that do not close perfectly can easily be optimised with a brush sealing to protect the contents from dust.

Home Solutions Useful things for your home

Small and understated – but you'll be pleased at how useful our practical helpers are.

Simply select the right product for your surface, apply it ... and fix-o-moll effectively holds your everyday objects in place.

Be inspired by our examples, you will surely find your creative application!


Extra strong. Extra magnetic. That's the neodymium magnets from fix-o-moll. A special combination of neodymium, iron and boron makes these magnets strong and durable. The magnets are of course ideal for attaching to metal surfaces, as they can hold up to 40 kg per magnet. They are also particularly suitable for labelling and decorating!

Hook and Loop Products

Hardly anything is as flexible as the hook and loop products from fix-o-moll. Whether you want to keep plants in check or organise cables, fasten something or sew a hook and loop fastener to an item of clothing – there are no limits to your creativity. Hook and loop fasteners provide a stable hold and can also be opened and closed again and again.


Tidiness is (sometimes) a must and how good it is when things can be stored in a space-saving and attractive way. The hooks from fix-o-moll are practical and available with various mounting options. Self-adhesive, with static adhesive or for hanging in doors and windows, the hooks provide a reliable hold.

Practical household helpers

Sometimes a small thing can make a big difference. With the household helpers from fix-o-moll, the lost drain plug can be replaced, the squeegee is no longer lying around in the shower and the broom is no longer in the way.

Adhesive Tapes

Taping up boxes, masking surfaces, repairing and mounting

... the fix-o-moll range is sure to have the right adhesive solution for your project.

Whether you are fixing, repairing or mounting something ... with fix-o-moll you can achieve perfect, absolutely reliable adhesion in just a few seconds.

You only have to pack your boxes yourself!

Fastening and Repairing

Do you want to fix something without drilling, screwing or nailing? From permanently adhesive to flexible and residue-free removable, from almost invisible to thick and levelling - fix-o-moll offers you exactly the right adhesive tape.

Not all adhesive tapes are the same - you'll soon realise that, because this is where absolute reliability and quality are required. Whether you're repairing something, insulating cables, increasing non-slip safety or marking dangerous areas, these adhesive tapes hold securely when you need them to.

Removable adhesive Strips: Megastrips

Do you want to mount something and be sure that it can be removed again without leaving any residue? Then fix-o-moll has the perfect product for you: With the Megastrips, you can attach objects weighing up to 1.5 kg. The Megastrips from fix-o-moll are versatile, waterproof and can be removed with a twist without leaving any residue.

And you don't have to drill any holes either!

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Renovating and Masking

Good preparation is particularly important for paintwork. fix-o-moll painter's tapes and masking films are just the right products for this purpose. With these adhesive tapes, which leave no residue whatsoever, you can quickly achieve clean and straight edges.

fix-o-moll: the best choice for your perfect home.

fix-o-moll has been the top brand in the field of self-adhesive products for over 100 years. It all started in 1905 with self-adhesive window sealings.

Today, we are experts in products that help you protect floors and walls, seals for windows and doors that help you save energy, adhesive tapes and smart products that help you organise and tidy up - simply everything your home needs.

Our wide range of products is tailored to your needs. We always have our finger on the pulse when it comes to trends and innovations. The quality of our products is our top priority. With fix-o-moll, you always get clever ideas that make your home perfect.

Make your home more comfortable, more easy and better: with the smart solutions from fix-o-moll.